Boat Dock Anchorings

Stabilize Your Portable Boat Dock with Our Anchoring Systmes.

Once you have decided on your EZ Dock, you will need to select an anchoring system to work with your existing piling or with your new installation.

Our wide variety of anchoring components can accommodate most water conditions and bottoms (deep, shallow, rough, muddy or sandy), and are simple to install. EZ Dock anchoring products are made from long-lasting, durable materials that can withstand normal to heavy-duty demands. We can help you select the anchoring system that is right tor your location.

Pipe Bracket   Part #130250 (2"Pipe) or #130350 (3" Pipe)

Heavy Duty Pipe Bracket   Part #210250 (2" Pipe) or #210350 (3" Pipe)

Adjustable Piling Brkt (only) Part #100800   Hoops (only) Varies (up to 24" Pipe)

Piling Bracket     Part #300800

Deadweight Brakt w/Keyhole  Part #100750KC or (Stainless Steel) Part #100750SS

Adaptor Hinge    Part #100750 or (Stainless Steel) Part #100750SS

Stiff-Arm Heavy-Duty Bracket   Part #800099